By now you should be aware of the class action settlement between Ocean Pointe Homeowners and Haseko Homes regarding hurricane straps installed during the construction of your home. The Court appointed SageWater to serve as the contractor to make the Court-approved repairs of your home at no cost to you. As an Ocean Pointe Homeowner with hurricane straps installed in a home built on or after November 18, 1999, you are automatically entitled to the repairs under this settlement after you verify your information. This letter provides some additional background on the settlement and directions for how to claim your benefits, ensuring that your house will be enrolled into the Court-approved repair program.

Background on the settlement

This class action settlement resulted from alleged defects in the hurricane straps installed during construction of your home. The class action claimed that the straps used on your home may not be effective in the event of a significant wind event or hurricane. As a member of the hurricane straps repair class, you are entitled to, among other benefits, have SageWater install a new anchor bolt system and perform concrete repairwork at no cost to you. The settlement fund is big enough for these repairs to take place in more than 1,600 homes across the Ocean Pointe Community and be completed by early 2018.

The claims about the hurricane straps

Hurricane straps are metal brackets used to secure your home to its concrete foundation. The class action claimed that the straps in Ocean Pointe were and are rusting, which may weaken their ability to perform as intended, and can also lead to concrete spalling (or cracking) around the area of the strap, further reducing their effectiveness to protect your home in the event of a significant wind event or hurricane. The class action claimed that installing new anchor bolts and repairing concrete damaged by the hurricane straps will improve the structural integrity and safety of your home.

The process for installing new anchor bolts

The Court selected SageWater as the single vendor to complete the repairs under the Ocean Pointe Class Action Settlement. We will be handling the entire process, from scheduling and notifying homeowners and residents about when the work will be completed, to performing the repairs, and ensuring proper permits, inspections, and homeowner approvals are all completed in a timely manner.

Claiming your benefits

Every Ocean Pointe Homeowner with hurricane straps installed in a home built on or after November 18, 1999 is entitled to these repairs at no cost. However, before your home can be scheduled for repairs, you must verify your property with the Claims Administrator. Many of you have already completed the verification process, and we thank you for that. For those who have not yet verified their homes, please fill out the paper form that was sent to you or the simple online form that takes just a minute to complete. You can submit the form by mail to the address provided or online here online here.

Working with SageWater

SageWater is Hawaii’s leading class action construction defect and repair contractor. For more than 25 years, we have supported class action and insurance claims administrators with construction repairs ranging from defective plumbing to improperly installed fire and smoke barriers to fire and flood damage repairs.

Once the Claims Administrator verifies your claim, your information will be automatically given to SageWater and you will receive an introductory letter explaining the repair process. This letter will include relevant information such as: where you can access additional information about timing and scheduling of your repairs, what work will be completed, when and how your home will be impacted, and more. Our local team of project managers will be there to assist you and answer your questions every step of the way.

SageWater understands that any construction project on your home can be an imposition, and we have developed an expert protocol for communicating with residents and homeowners to make the renovation process as simple and hassle-free as we can. Funding for the settlement just completed and the first wave of construction permits have been issued. We are now beginning to roll out crews to start repairs on homes.

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