32 Million Feet of Pipe Replaced and Counting

Established in 1988, SageWater is North America’s pipe replacement expert. Our innovative OneCall Repipe® approach to repiping occupied buildings makes the process of replacing outdated or defective pipes economical and hassle free. Our OneCall Repipe® process has also helped thousands of our residential customers have the peace of mind provided by a Plumbing Express repipe. Plumbing Express is our subsidiary specializing in single family residential repipes.

We’ve completed more than 85,000 repipe projects, replacing over 32 million feet of pipe in apartment complexes, condominiums, office buildings and single family homes.

Our unique OneCall Repipe® is a turnkey solution, encompassing all the work necessary to complete the project, including precise drywall cuts, plumbing, pipe insulation, drywall/plaster repair, painting and professional project management.

We’re licensed, insured and bonded nationwide. Our team of more than 200 dedicated employees are ready to take on your next plumbing renovation project.

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Project Personnel

SageWater is particularly proud of the knowledge and expertise that our key staff members bring to each of our specialized projects. Below you’ll find the primary managers that will oversee your renovation.

Joseph Brawley, National Operations Manager

Joe has been with SageWater for over twenty years and has a wide range of construction experience. Joe has managed some of the most demanding SageWater repipe projects, both as a project manager and subsequently as our National Operations Manager. Joe has served our company and our clients well in his many roles, ranging from division management, to regional operations management, as well as setting the bar for excellence in his current role as National Operations Manager. Joe’s schedule has him on-island every other week and he will be supervising your project on a regular basis.

Here is a brief list of some milestone projects that Joe has directed.

Hokua Northwest Park Apartments Blake Building Ravens Crest Apartments
250 Occupied multi-family units
Honolulu, Hawaii
876 Occupied multi-family units Occupied high-end 13-story commercial building 400 Occupied multi-family units
Project Snapshot: Comprehensive turn-key pipe replacement of interior domestic water supply piping and water heaters. Project Snapshot: Comprehensive turn-key repipe renovation including a boiler to individual water heater conversion and wireless submetering system installation and implementation; as is customary of SageWater services, the project was turnkey, including plaster and drywall repair, painting, cleaning, scheduling and resident communications. Project Snapshot: Complete turnkey replacement of the hydronic riser and distribution piping throughout this high-profile, 13 floor, commercial building located only blocks from the White House. Project Snapshot: Turn-key polybutylene pipe replacement of both interior and exterior domestic water supply piping.

Miguel A. Rentas, Hawaii Division Manager

Mr. Rentas has over ten years of experience in the construction industry, with specific expertise involving complex multi-family renovations. A proven leader, Miguel has worked for some of the nation’s largest multi-family owners both public and private, as well as many well respected homebuilders throughout the Southeast. As a testament to Miguel’s willingness to consistently go above and beyond, he was elected to lead and supervise over 45 United States Army troops on numerous deployments during his time of service and we are pleased to assign Miguel to lead our Hawaiian repipe division for many years to come.

Following is a brief list of some of the SageWater projects that Miguel has managed.

Hokua Beech Lake Apartments Andorra Apartments Lakewood Apartments
250 Occupied multi-family units
Honolulu, Hawaii
345 Occupied multi-family units 230 Occupied multi-family units 220 Occupied multi-family units
Project Snapshot: Comprehensive turn-key pipe replacement of interior domestic water supply piping and water heaters. Project Snapshot: Polybutylene pipe replacement project; the project was turnkey, as further described under Joe Brawley’s Northwest Park project. Project Snapshot: Complete replacement of an aged galvanized piping system; the project was turnkey. Project Snapshot: Polybutylene pipe replacement project; the project was turnkey.

Ralph Nishimura, C-37 Plumbing RME

Long before his official state master plumbing licensure in 1975, Mr. Nishimura has been a part of countless plumbing efforts throughout the state of Hawaii. In fact Mr. Nishimura was a Senior Plumbing Inspector for the City of Honolulu in the mid-eighties before he decided to become a private plumbing contractor. Mr. Nishimura’s knowledge of local plumbing related issues, his commitment to excellence, and his dedication to passing along this education and knowledge to the entire SageWater team has been invaluable. As he did during the Hokua renovation, Mr. Nishimura continues to play a key role in the oversight and management of the growing SageWater team.

Giovanni Camuso, BC General Contracting RME
C-33 Painting and Decorating RME

For well over a decade Mr. Camuso has been putting his long list of construction related talents to work for numerous families throughout the island of Oahu. Mr. Camuso holds multiple construction licenses and has been an amazing addition to the SageWater team. Confronting challenging yet delicate tasks such as leading the Italian marble tile work at the Hokua is clearly one of Mr. Camuso’s leading qualities and continues to prove valuable to the entire SageWater drywall, paint, and tile team.


SageWater’s long-term success within the construction industry starts and ends with its most valuable asset; its people. Our commitment to providing a service carried out by team members that are drug/drink free, eligible to work in the United States, and have clean criminal records is of the utmost importance. The following partners and programs have played a vital role in this effort.



To assure the safety of employees, protect both client and company property, as well as foster efficient operations, SageWater has throughout its history, adopted a drink-free and drug-free work policy. All SageWater team employees are subject to random unannounced alcohol and drug testing. Our partner in this effort is LexisNexis®, a recognized leader within the industry for over 30 years.



By choice, SageWater has voluntarily chosen to participate in the I-9 verification program offered and operated by the Department of Homeland Security in partnership with the Social Security Administration known as E-Verify. The E-Verify program compares each employee’s I-9 against over 500 million U.S. government records to verify whether or not a person is eligible to work in the United States. The E-Verify program has been a valuable asset in our constant commitment to maintaining a legal workforce.


First Advantage

When homes are at stake, thorough background verification is vital. At SageWater our background verifications can include detailed consumer reports, personal interviews with third parties, such as family members, business associates, financial sources, friends, neighbors, and other acquaintances. Our partner for such services is First Advantage®, a leading Fortune 500 organization with a proven track record and one of the world’s largest providers of employment background screening.

SageWater is honored to have received the attention of the following publications and programs:

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